Moroccan art is a distinctive reflection of the creativity of the many local artists, the brilliant colors, and bold designs are seen through the country.

The creativity of the locals is expressed in many different forms. Wood and furniture are so intricately decorated with rich, strong carvings and more.

The most interesting forms of ceramics are the Safi pottery, they are incredible ornate masterpieces that are simply unbeatable for handcrafted decadence.

Moroccan Ceramic Pottery is unique because the country has many different types of soil found nowhere else in the world.

Browse through our collection of traditional Moroccan ceramics, pottery, platters and design bowls that are perfect to serve large salads or fruits. Each of the ceramic items is unique due to its features and techniques. These are inspired by ancient architecture and art. All Moroccan pottery can be used as display in your homes or for serving. We bring 100% handmade pieces for you made by Moroccab artisans using techniques which are passed from generations. Morocco has colorful materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our ceramic pottery pieces have a special place in the world of Moroccan crafts. The Arabs have brought that to Morocco. Since then, it is well known for its wide range of ceramic pottery. All these are hand painted using deep colors, fine details and variety of spun designs.

The bold and bright Moroccan Ceramic Pottery in our collection are created by superb craftsmen and chosen to spice up your dinnerware collection or home décor!


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Antique old signed safi art pottery plate Moroccan middle eastern signed ceramic.
This plate are beautifully handmade and hand painted here in Rabat (the capital of Moroccan)...
Vintage Moroccan Ceramic Pottery Fez Plate, Home Decor from Morocco, Decorative Plate
Stunning hand painted plate from Fez, Morocco. Colors are vibrant blue, green, orange and maroon....
Ceramic Plates Moroccan Handmade Serving, Wall Hanging, Exquisite Colors Decorative
This is an authentic, handcrafted Moroccan plate Perfect for serving or hanging for decoration Each...
Ceramic Plate,Moroccan Ceramics - Treasures of Morocco
Artisanbazzarts is proud to introduce the new collection of handmade ceramic plates.Handmade ceramic plates from...
Ceramic Serving Pitcher | Moroccan pottery
This pitcher is hand made and painted by Moroccan artisans . works well for lemonade,...
Decorative pots with lid | Moroccan pottery | Moroccan handmade
This vintage Moroccan colorful pottery lidded pot, earring, jewellery, trinket box, is hand thrown in...
Beautiful Colorful Vintage Handmade Moroccan Safi Ceramic Plate Hanging Pottery
This beautiful Moroccan ceramic plate is hand painted in blue and white. There is wonderful...