Azilal Rugs

Azilal rugs or tribal carpets from the Azilal region in the Atlas Mountains are traditionally woven by Berber women for domestic use. The wonderfully wild and abstract compositions silently give insight into a culture which has its roots in heathen religions. The minimalistic and abstract images are expressions of the natural environment and translate the joy, fear, and aspirations of the weaver.

Handmade from fine graded wool, the vintage Azilals has a natural, soft wool background with vibrant colored motifs or geometric designs. They have different density and thickness-few are warm and thick like a Beni Quarain while few may be light to feel and see. Designs and colors of each of the carpet is a creative expression of Berber women which has become a functional piece of modern art.

They are unique pieces of modern art to decorate your floor or wall. These beautiful rugs are a sumptuous soft pile that is woven with weaver’s imagination, color design, and motifs expressing Moroccan tribal tradition. Each piece has been selected by us letting us offer most unique online rugs for you sourced directly from Morocco.

Experience, fantasy, and intuition of each women knotting and weaving have permeated her work which you can see and feel in the designs of the Azilal rugs. Each of the rugs is symbolizing a unique rich story, voice, and expression of the weaver in its patterns.

Design your space with Azilal rugs

Add softness and warmth to your rooms with Azilal rugs. Depending on your choice, they can prove to be a bold statement in your home interiors or be a beautiful centerpiece.
Rugs can be used to divide great areas and make rooms feel settled. Rugs bring a visual harmony and balance to space.
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DESCRIPTION Unique one of a kind old Moroccan rug, bringing all the art and history...
Authentic Design Berber Rug
this one of a kind gorgeous Moroccan Rug is handmade by berber women from the...
Azilal Breathtaking Berber Rug
Our talented artisans always surprise us by their amazing art work. This Azilal unique design...
Azilal Pink Design Berber Rug
This amazing one of a kind Azilal rug is handwoven by berber women from the...
Beni Mrirt authentic Moroccan rug
one of a kind Beni Mrirt rug , if you are a fan of luxury...
Mid Century Tribal Design rug
This sophisticated earth-tone rug features a series of ancient protection symbols. Mid-century Modern Moroccan Rug,...
Moroccan Authentic Rug - berber rug
one of a kind gorgeous berber Moroccan rug, hand knotted by berber women from the...
Mid Century Berber Moroccan Rug
Decorated with shaggy colors and ancient protection symbols, this Moroccan rug features a spectacular checkered...
stylish Berber Moroccan rug
a breathtaking berber Moroccan rugs , handmade by talented women artisans from the Hight Atlas...
Berber Azilal rug : Handmade Moroccan carpet colors
Berber Azilal rug : Handmade Moroccan carpet colors Azilal rugs feature great creativity in terms...
Azilal carpet : Berber rug handmade, Azilal rug , tapis azilal
Azilal rug, Moroccan rug, Berber rug.  Azilal rugs feature great creativity in terms of design, they combine...
Azilal Rug : Handmade natural wool, Berber rug from Azilal Morocco
Azilal Rug : Handmade natural wool, Berber rug from Azilal Morocco Azilal rugs feature great...