Purple Sabra Kilim Moroccan Rug



Purple Sabra Kilim Moroccan Rug


This rug has been hand made by skillful artisans in Morocco. The rug has been made from Sabra Silk. Sabra Silk is a natural fiber which is from the Aloe Vera Cactus Plant found in Morocco.

The fibers from the plant are woven and dyed into different colors. The material is well known for having a lovely sheen on them. The rug needs to be seen up close to appreciate the work involved in its creation.

Made and used by a local High Atlas Berber family, Created from cactus silk that takes a lot of arduous laborious work by women to obtain from those prickly pear plants, go through the washing and drying and spinning processes to the dyeing and weaving to create a beautiful and valuable textile, beautifully finished the edging is top quality



  • Handmade item
  • Primary color: Purple
  • Length: 1.40 Meters
  • Width: 0.90 Meters
  • Design: Moroccan
  • Material: wool
  • Ships worldwide from Morocco


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