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The large, archaic looking, white-ground rug known as the Beni Ourain is the creation of Morocco’s mountain nomads. The thick, but loosely structured rugs were not used as a floor covers, but rather as beds and bedding. Efficient protection against the winter cold in snowy highland areas, the classic Beni Ourain features a network of black lines on a cream ground. The oldest rugs of the Beni Ourain have extremely rich designs.



Style: Classic Beni Ouarain handmade Moroccan berber Rug | Origin: Morocco| Material: 100% Nature Wool | Size:3m x 2m

This original item was handmade using the local materials and tools below


his genuine natural wool comes from local sheep herds and can be found in souk, or marketplace. However, this cooperative only uses wool made from their homes and sheep, rather than buying it at the souk.



This rug is made using a 100% cotton warp. Cotton warp provides strong integrity of the rug over time.


The Amshtan is the traditional tool used to clean out and spin natural wool


he Tsagel is made from iron and is used to press down each level of warp as the rug is woven.


This wooden tool takes freshly cleaned wool and spins it into thick thread that can be used to weave.


This single, tried and true loom, which the woman believe is nearly 50 years old, When the loom was created, it was likely controversial because the wood was expensive to source. It would take a whole village to invest in one.


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