Green Cactus Silk Moroccan Rug – Tapis Marocain



This green cactus silk Moroccan rug is woven by hand, each textile can be interpreted based on the choice of symbols and composition.

These may reflect a specific tribe of the Imazighen people, or draw upon the meanings that the symbols themselves connote. Often, they depict scenes familiar to the Moroccan way of life. Examples include living within a semi-rural community centered around the Kasbah, or a home scene with family members gathered around a table.

In the choice of weaving material, a natural cactus silk fiber, we gain a further understanding of Morocco’s heritage of utilizing the natural environment for everyday purpose. The silken texture and flat weave construction make them ideal for warm climates when used as a floor covering. However, both the vibrancy of color and minimalism of design give them wider appeal, presenting numerous options in our use of them, from wall tapestries to bedding and blankets, as well as floor rugs. Their brightening effect will certainly bring the exotic charm of Morocco into any home or office space.

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  • Handmade item
  • Length: 1.40 Meters
  • Width: 0.90 Meters
  • Design: Moroccan
  • Materials: cactus, silk, wool
  • Ships worldwide from Morocco


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