Colored Boucherouite Rug


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Despite its modern chic appeal, the Boucherouite carpet is woven into traditional Atlas Mountain culture. When poorer families were low in supplies during a cold winter, they washed and tore up old clothing to furnish their homes. Fortunately today, the carpet carries on in tradition rather than in necessity.

Style: Handmade Moroccan Boucherouite Rug | Origin: Morocco| Material: cloths rags | Size: 2m 60cm x 85cm

This original item was handmade using the local materials and tools below


100% cotton thread used as the warp, it’s held vertically in tension on a loom.

Traditional Loom

In most small villages weavers make their own vertical looms (Haute-Lisse) by using large pieces of wood.

Cloth rags

Old pieces of clothing used to weave Boucherouite rugs. The word Boucherouite literally means “of old rags” in Amazigh.


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